Black London Mistress Ika


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Black London Mistress Ika



MY name is Mistress IKA (pronounced same as ikea, but without the E). I am a glamorous Black London Mistress, based in North London. I have always been naturally Dominant, even from an early age. At first, I did not have a name for the strong overwhelming feelings that I experienced whenever I fantasised about Dominating an individual. Somewhere deep down, I`ve always wanted a man at my feet, submitting to me & being humiliated, chastised & controlled by me.


After I permanently relocated to the UK several years ago, I had a Dom/sub experience. This opened my eyes to the endless possibilities which I could explore within BDSM. I enjoyed being in control so much that, this experience became the launch pad in my decision to become a Dominatrix.


I am naturally Dominant and I love to inflict pain, though pain is certainly not the only way to induce absolute submission, the lightest touch can be powerfully commanding, the warmth of breath against bare skin can be overwhelmingly controlling, so also can a sharp glance make a man shiver in anticipation of giving himself in full submission to a Beautiful black Goddess.


I am a resident Mistress at Club Black Whip


I enjoy many forms of fetish, from the sublime to the ridiculous….. as long as it is safe, sane and fully consensual.


Domination sessions with your premier Black London Mistress Ika are STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.